We are cooperators from all around the world - join us in owning this campaign together!

We own it! is a one year campaign that aims to spread stories about cooperatives and cooperators to young people around the world. We want to inspire the next generation to create more caring, cooperative jobs and enterprises run by and for people.

Together - as colleagues, peers, fellow students and friends - we are creating our own jobs that we are in control of. We are organising together as equals for a future that belongs to all of us. Read more about why this campaign has been created.

We are never alone in our cooperative journey. We work together as an international movement of cooperatives, and we are supported by national umbrella organisation in each country.

In the resources section you will find all the tools and information on cooperatives that you need. A global study on trends among young people in establishing and being part of worker cooperatives, social cooperatives, producers cooperatives as well as new emerging forms will be published by the end of the year.

We own it! is a campaign on youth cooperative entrepreneurship developed by CICOPA, the international organisation of worker cooperatives, social cooperatives, producers’ cooperatives and other types of cooperatives in industry and services.

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