All around the world young people are getting a bad deal: we don't have control of our jobs, homes, technology, data or education - because we don't own them. We are considered as cheap labour to exploit, the target audience for marketing campaigns, and are always the last in the queue.

We won't take it.

The future is ours. If we come together as a generation, we can build a cooperative economy that works for everyone: with equality, solidarity and sustainability at its heart. To get there, we need to change the way our economy is owned and run. We need an economy in which everyone has a stake - a truly democratic economy that works for the majority, not just the 1%. We need to create good jobs that we are in control of - not low paid jobs that enrich invisible shareholders. How do we get this? Cooperatives.

Cooperatives are a way to own and manage enterprises democratically: everyone's voice is heard and everyone's wellbeing is considered. This campaign exists to inspire the next generation to create more equal, fulfilling and caring workplaces through cooperatives. We are transforming our working lives through the values and principles of the cooperative movement.

We own it! is a campaign on youth cooperative entrepreneurship developed by CICOPA, the international organisation of worker cooperatives, social cooperatives, producers’ cooperatives and other types of cooperatives in industry and services.

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